% SPLINTER-CIRCUIT-TEMPLATE-ARGUMENTS(1) Cargill, Incorporated | Splinter Commands


splinter-circuit-template-arguments — Displays the arguments defined in a circuit template


splinter circuit template arguments [FLAGS] TEMPLATE-NAME


Circuit templates help simplify the process of creating new circuits with the splinter circuit propose command. Circuit template arguments are required when building a circuit from the template. This command lists the arguments that are defined in the specified circuit template.

All available templates are located in the default circuit templates directory, /usr/share/splinter/circuit-templates, unless SPLINTER_CIRCUIT_TEMPLATE_PATH is set. Note, if multiple template storage directories are specified in the SPLINTER_CIRCUIT_TEMPLATE_PATH, they are searched from first to last for template files. The first file matching the specified TEMPLATE-NAME will be displayed.


-h, --help
Prints help information
-q, --quiet
Decrease verbosity (the opposite of -v). When specified, only errors or warnings will be output.
-V, --version
Prints version information
Increases verbosity (the opposite of -q). Specify multiple times for more output.


Name of the circuit template containing the arguments of interest. The template file must exist in the specified circuit template directory. The circuit template directory is by default /usr/share/splinter/circuit-templates, unless SPLINTER_CIRCUIT_TEMPLATE_PATH is set.


Paths containing circuit template files. Multiple values may be provided, separated by :, using the format DIR1:DIR2:DIR3. If multiple directories are specified, the directories are searched from first to last for template files.


The following command shows the arguments for the scabbard_circuit_template circuit template, which is available by default (packaged with the Splinter CLI).

$ splinter circuit template arguments scabbard_circuit_template

name: admin_keys
required: false
default_value: $(a:SIGNER_PUB_KEY)
description: Public keys used to verify transactions in the scabbard service

name: nodes
required: true
default_value: Not set
description: List of node IDs

name: signer_pub_key
required: false
default_value: Not set
description: Public key of the signer


| splinter-circuit-template-list(1) | splinter-circuit-template-show(1) | | Splinter documentation: https://www.splinter.dev/docs/0.6/