% SPLINTER-AUTHID-LIST(1) Cargill, Incorporated | Splinter Commands


splinter-authid-list — Displays the existing authorized identities for this Splinter node


splinter authid list [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]


This command lists all of the authorized identities with assigned roles the local node has configured. This command displays abbreviated information pertaining to assignments in columns, with the headers ID, TYPE, and ROLES. This allows the user to quickly see which identities have been assigned roles, as well as how many. The information displayed is only relevant to the queried splinter node.


-h, --help
Prints help information
-q, --quiet
Decrease verbosity (the opposite of -v). When specified, only errors or warnings will be output.
-V, --version
Prints version information
Increases verbosity (the opposite of -q). Specify multiple times for more output.


-F, --format FORMAT
Specifies the output format of the list. (default human). Possible values for formatting are human and csv.
Specifies the private signing key (either a file path or the name of a .priv file in $HOME/.splinter/keys).
-U, --url URL
Specifies the URL for the splinterd REST API. The URL is required unless $SPLINTER_REST_API_URL is set.


This command displays information about authorized identities with a default human formatting, meaning the information is displayed in a table. In this example, the node is currently configured with a single user identity and a single public key identity. The user is assigned to 2 roles; the key is assigned to 1

$ splinter role list \
  --url URL-of-splinterd-REST-API
IDENTITY                                                           TYPE ROLES
6596ee05-0997-5897-87be-566c0984f2ec                               user 2
03d4a6ea6bae775622912b6cf49437098dc3bf06ca49ea331113e27ee0b14c7a3c key  1


URL for the splinterd REST API. (See -U, --url.)


| Splinter documentation: https://www.splinter.dev/docs/0.6/